Hassidic wife wants birth control discretely – The patient’s first statement of her condition (clip)

Background  (103-030-02-1) Assaf and Adina 

The patient has returned ostensibly to get her lab results of tests done for post-partum fatigue; but she is determined to get a prescription for birth-control pills – something that she is uncomfortable requesting outright.

The action

In response to the question “how do you feel? “ the patient explains the conditions of over-work and little help in the house that are causing her to be tired. She avoids eye contact with the doctor.

Educational opportunities
  • For discussion: Analyze the psychosocial content [CASE] of Chaya’s response to a straightforward medical question,  How might the doctor respond. [In this regard “the scale of responses” is a useful tool; and it is worth noting that later in the interview the doctor devotes a fair bit of time to the social contributors to her fatigue?]  What are the pros and cons of the various potential responses?
  • What does the patient’s body language suggest?

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